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Get your KY and TN data from the direct source.

Criminal background screening data that comes directly from the courthouse, resulting in fewer rechecks, faster turnaround times, and more control over your clients' data.
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Accurate Data

Our accuracy rate is 99.996% thanks to our courthouse researchers, which is much higher than the industry average. We use our researchers instead of outdated databases.

Excellent Service

We provide excellent personal customer service. When you call us, you will speak directly to a customer service representative without having to fight through a phone menu.

Real Researchers

We pride ourselves on fast, accurate, data pulled from courthouses by real people. Our skilled researchers can even retrieve certified court copies for our clients if needed.

Who are we

Our Services

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Kentucky and Tennessee

The "bread and butter" of VeriScreen. Enjoy fast and accurate records in these states, including:

  • County Criminal Records

  • County Civil Records

  • Statewide Searches

  • Court Copies

Georgia and Mississippi

We have recently expanded our services into these states. Our team of skilled researchers can provide:

  • County Criminal Searches

  • County Civil Searches

  • Statewide Searches

  • Court Copies

How it works
Stephanie Haycraft

"VeriScreen is awesome to work with and fast!"


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